After two years of hard work, huge challenges, beautiful moments, very hard times, a new inspiring, musical and graphic collaborations with my new partner in crime Ali Reza (A.R.T.) Tahoeni and my two best friends Niels van den Berge and Maurice Baltissen, we are finally releasing the first step of the full length album Party&Eggs. This is the EP Party&Eggs. Six songs about party and about eggs. About feeling good and about feeling bad, love, hate, coloured, grey all the beautiful contradictions you face in life. 
Thanks to all the musician who worked on this EP and will keep working with us on the full length album. Thanks to all my family, friends and the adventures I faced in my life for the inspiration to write this. Thanks to all the Balkan countries, just because they exist, as crazy as they come, so beautiful and musical they are! Thanks to the Dutch for accepting me in their culture. With all these things we tried to find the perfect combination between east and west. Ingredients: heavy, melancholic, rhythmic, danceable, raw with a touch of garage.
Download it here for free:



Produced by: Ali Reza (A.R.T.) Tahoeni & Myself
Mixed by: Ali Reza (A.R.T.) Tahoeni
Mastered by: Ivo Statinski (Statinski Mastering)
Artwork by: Niels van den Berge & Maurice Baltissen

Tsvetkov Dmitri Kai Liebrand Josefien Terburg Anne Simkens Peter Schütz Ron Antens Gon Mevis Demis Iossifidis Maurits Boreel Coen Witteveen

Special thanks to CJ Otten for pushing me in the right direction! 

Thank you Anne Simkens for being the love of my life! No love, no music! 

Enjoy our music and we hope we meet in the venues and festivals!! 

Muchos love!!

Igor Sekulovic

ISEK MUSIC, 3 Plataanplein, Eindhoven, NB, 5616 LS